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David Crippen

Mailmate can't find Pitt server

Reported by David Crippen | July 17th, 2023 @ 01:54 PM

Hello, I use Mailmate through the University of Pittsburgh mail server and have not had any problem till today. I had to change my Pitt password and this should have automatically transferred function to Mailmate but it didn't. I used the new password for Apple Mail and it worked fine. Mailmate asked me if I wanted to transfer information from Mail and it should have done that. So Mail works but the Pitt icon on Mailmate just spins endlessly and never opens. My home WiFi works fine. When I go into the Pitt website, I can get mail from there. Pitt says they don't support Mailmate so I'm not getting any help.

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  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 18th, 2023 @ 12:15 AM

    I can't find a way to send you the current Mailmate settings. I spoke for two hours to Pitt tech support and they are clueless. They also added that Pitt tech doesn't support Mailmate (never heard of you) but they did support Apple Mail which works with the server. They don't know why Mail works and Mailmate doesn't. I don't know if this can be fixed. I hope it can be fixed as I have used Mailmate for many years and I really want to continue.

  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 18th, 2023 @ 07:59 PM

    As of today, the University of Pittsburgh is telling me that they are refusing Internet service for all applications not on their "supported" list (this means you). So nothing's wrong with the app, the Pitt Server is now off line to Mailmate unless you can think of some way to get Mailmate on their "supported" list. If this is to for me and Mailmate, I'm very, very sorry.

  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 21st, 2023 @ 01:44 PM

    Is anyone there. No reply from anyone for an extended period. Does Mailmate still exist???

  • benny

    benny July 22nd, 2023 @ 10:44 AM

    Sorry, I spend most of my time on working on MailMate itself and I don't always manage answering all emails/tickets.

    Most importantly, is this about an Office 365 email account?

    Which revision of MailMate are you using (see its About window via the main menu)?

    If you can make a screenshot of your IMAP account settings window then you can send it to me using Help > Send Feedback within MailMate (that'll only work if you have a working account in MailMate of course).

  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 22nd, 2023 @ 11:37 AM

    I’m out of town for the weekend, will get back to you monday. I REALLY want to get Mailman working again, no help from Pitt. Mailmate doesn't work. Can you find another way to send stuff. Here's what I wrote Pitt (*among other things)

    So I removed everything Mailmate, restarted my Mac and downloaded the latest recommended app (Mailmate clip). I put everything in the settings as they were before and hit “apply” I got the face sheet telling me the Pitt server is “offline” (Off Line.jpg). I synchronized the settings to the Pitt app and I got a flag saying “Mailmate wants to use microsoftonline to sign on. I his continue and it reshows that sign again. Over and over. Never goes anywhere. Back to the spinning ball again trying to connect. I don’t think Mailmate is belly up but it’s very worrisome that Benny isn’t responding to anyone. The blurb was dated 2023.

    Hi Kev, thanks for getting back to me. I have written Benny many times in the past and he’s always fixed things but this time he has not written back to me for a very long time, nor has he written back to anyone else (see Benny.jpg). However, he has outfitted Mailmate with OAuth2 a long time ago (see Settings.jpg) and it has worked well until it stopped accessing the Pitt server a few days ago. If you check the record, it would be the first day I called Tech Support. I have included a brief movie that shows Mailmate just endlessly spinning, trying to connect (see Trying.mov).

    However Apple Mail DOES access the Pitt server and works fine on my Mac desktop. This uses Microsoft Exchange to get into Pitt (see Outlook.jpg). There is no practical difference between Mailmate and Apple Mail. One works and the other spins trying to connect. Both worked a week ago. Mailmate just stopped working unpredictably.

    So here’s what I would ask. Could you take a look at the Mailmate settings and let me know what settings might work for Pitt?

    Thanks Bro. Here’s the settings for Mailmate. If you could tell me what settings might work, it would be much appreciated. The settings you see have worked for at least five years. They just suddenly stopped working, the app won’t connect to the Pitt server. For two days the tech support guy said they didn’t know why it didn’t work. Then today, the next one said the server no longer supports any but “supported” apps. I don’t know what to believe. Any enlightenment you could give me would be sincerely appreciated. The creator of Mailmate is Benny and he always answers posts and fixes problems if he can.

  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 23rd, 2023 @ 10:04 PM

    Benny, I REALLY want to continue using Mailmate. No one can figure out why Mailmate doesn't work but Apple Mail sitting right next to it does. They are fairly similar. But I cannot send you any screenshots of anything because I can't get Mailmate to access the server. I'll have to send you screenshots using Apple Mail to an e-mail address? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • David Crippen

    David Crippen July 31st, 2023 @ 01:09 PM

    Benny, does this mean you're no longer supporting MailMate and I'm out of luck after over 10 years?

  • benny

    benny August 4th, 2023 @ 02:26 PM

    Again, sorry about the late reply. Server-specific issues can take a long time to debug and I simply don't have the time to do that for all users -- even if in some cases the problem might be some bug in MailMate. Now, I can see that you have done all you can to figure this out yourself, so let's see if I can help you figure it out.

    Based on the above, I can now see that this is about an Office365 account. This means that Apple Mail uses a different protocol and it cannot really be compared to MailMate (in the sense that if one works then the other one should as well). A comparable email client would be Thunderbird which also uses IMAP and the OAuth2 authentication method.

    You can send me your settings window using “Help > Send Feedback” within MailMate (or just use that to get the email feedback address if you have no working email accounts in MailMate).

    Also, you can try the latest cutting edge version of MailMate using this direct download: MailMate r5971. I doubt that'll make a difference, but you never know.

    IMAP/SMTP settings are described by Microsoft here.

    Finally, if the administrators of the Pitt server do not explicitly allow OAuth2 access by MailMate then it cannot work. It will likely then also not work for Thunderbird since it makes little sense to allow one but not the other.

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