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Henry Seiden

MailMate hangs when opening up after a restart (MacOS 12.2.1)

Reported by Henry Seiden | March 16th, 2022 @ 06:40 PM

Mailmate App 1.14 Test Build r5875 hangs when restarting MacOS 12.2.1, fails to properly register one account (iCloud), spinning beach ball followed by hang warning. Force quit required to get out. Finally was able to take that account offline after repeated opening and hangs. Then the app worked. I see that a new beta build is available (r5876

Since you don't allow attached files, there is no full text of the report sent to Apple, which opened upon these failures:

Mailmate hang, cause: Same error repeats indicating an error with an Internet account (henry.seiden@icloud.com) giving an error. Chicken or egg… Seems to occur with constant account checks which gave the server cause to reject it. At least that is the error that eventually showed up this time with the hang of 60.76s.

Date/Time: 2022-03-16 14:05:44.248 -0400
End time: 2022-03-16 14:06:45.010 -0400
OS Version: macOS 12.2.1 (Build 21D62)
Architecture: x86_64h
Report Version: 35
Incident Identifier: 7AC79F5E-F4B1-4AB4-A521-5F9685981375

Data Source: Stackshots
Shared Cache: 0939015D-8308-3E69-B095-BD928F835202 slid base address 0x7ff80b2ec000, slide 0xb2ec000
Shared Cache: 0722EF94-15FC-3695-9C12-4F6DE9294070 slid base address 0x7ff821a50000, slide 0x21a50000

Command: MailMate
Path: /Applications/MailMate.app/Contents/MacOS/MailMate
Identifier: com.freron.MailMate
Version: 1.14 (5875)
Architecture: x86_64
Parent: launchd [1]
PID: 12889
Time Since Fork: 69s

Event: hang
Duration: 60.76s
Duration Sampled: 5.20s (process was unresponsive for 56 seconds before sampling)
Steps: 52 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model: MacBookPro15,1
Active cpus: 16
HW page size: 4096
VM page size: 4096
Boot args: chunklist-security-epoch=0 -chunklist-no-rev2-dev

Time Awake Since Boot: 5992s
Time Since Wake: n/a (machine hasn't slept)

Fan speed: 2844 rpm
Total CPU Time: 26.645s (60.5G cycles, 41.6G instructions, 1.45c/i)
Advisory levels: Battery -> 3, User -> 2, ThermalPressure -> 1, Combined -> 2
Free disk space: 219.67 GB/931.55 GB, low space threshold 3072 MB

Comments and changes to this ticket

  • Henry Seiden

    Henry Seiden March 16th, 2022 @ 06:53 PM

    R5876 had the same issue. I thought it may have been related to IMAP Server setting but it doesn't jibe since it previously worked! Nevertheless, I went ahead on the proper setting of IMAP (incoming) and outgoing server settings, both "mail.icloud.com". Also entered the App specific key.

    The gear next to the account name still spins endlessly, however it doesn't fail over. New mail doesn't appear at the inbox. Anything else to do? I will be forced to go back to Mail.app and see if the problem exists there (doubtful. In any case this is a no-go for me. Cannot continue with MailMate.

  • benny

    benny March 16th, 2022 @ 07:08 PM

    I believe the settings should be imap.mail.me.com/smtp.mail.me.com, but it sounds like the crashes are not related to that. Either it's triggered by the arrival of a message or by some local change that MailMate tries to synchronize with the server. This only happens when the account is online so I would expect the crash to return when the account synchronizes.

    It should, of course, not happen, but there's been a lot of changes in the test releases the past few months. I've fixed a lot of bugs, but the hard ones are usually related to hard-to-reproduce issues like this. A hang report will help though. Can you, e.g., send it using Help > Send Feedback when the iCloud account is offline?

    It's naturally also fine if you do not want to waste time helping me debug. I'll provide a refund and get out of your hair (might not be using that expression correctly given that English is not my native language).

    (I've unfortunately given up on freeing up quota in this ticket system because it usually only takes a couple of days before it's full again. It's simply easier to handle attachments by email.)

  • Henry Seiden

    Henry Seiden March 17th, 2022 @ 06:27 PM

    Continues to hang, even in recurring attempts to use r5876, opening the general All Inboxes mailbox. Wake from sleep with app running, click a mailbox>spinning beach ball.
    Error report also sent to Apple by default. The last somewhat reliable build was r5874. Should I go back to that?

  • benny

    benny March 18th, 2022 @ 09:10 AM

    Unfortunately I do not get what is sent to Apple. This only works for apps part of Apple's App Store. I need you to send me a hang/crash report directly.

    Previous releases are available here: https://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/

    I suggest first trying r5878 and then r5874. Then maybe go back to the latest beta to see if that works: r5852.

    Note that r5876-r5877 are known to be unstable (fixed yesterday for r5878).

  • Henry Seiden

    Henry Seiden March 20th, 2022 @ 07:22 PM

    In r5852, after the hang, I cannot log in with an older app, even r 5852 until the error times out again. That may be as long as 48hrs! Luckily, Mail app still has no trouble logging in.

    It still seems that the problem is with the INBOX folder as the items in the folder cannot be deleted in MailMate. That doesn't happen with other apps like Mail. Everything seems normal there.

    So, something happens in MailMate that messes with the Inbox of that account, not with others, then it takes a long while to reset itself. Unknown as yet if r5852 will have an issue likewise. If this release which used to work fails, then I will have no choice but to go back to Mail until such time as it's fixed. If its an iCloud compatibility/connectivity issue then we'll have to reassess.

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