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Zvi Biener

Broken (I think): Sources line no longer turns red if one of the account goes offline

Reported by Zvi Biener | November 12th, 2021 @ 07:02 PM

I think that the "Sources" line in the sidebar used to turn red if one of the accounts went offline. It no longer does this. If that never happened, please consider this a feature request: is there a way to indicate on the sources line that one of the accounts is offline? The issue is that one of my accounts sometime misbehaves and goes offline, and I don't discover this until a while after. I keep the "Sources" collapsed to allow more room for folders, some some sort of brief indication (like color) would be great. Thanks.

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  • benny

    benny November 14th, 2021 @ 08:21 AM

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    I had to disable this feature to fix some other problems, but maybe it'll return (or some other solution).

  • Zvi Biener

    Zvi Biener November 28th, 2021 @ 03:04 PM

    Trying again, to not get marked as spam: With respect, I'd urge you to prioritize this. I don't know why, but I just had a single mailbox go offline for a few days. The account itself was online, so even a quick glance at the sources didn't reveal there was a problem. But after finding out that I had not been receiving email, I started digging... and one mailbox was off. I'm willing to bet that the fault is with the server... but still. Perhaps something as simple as a notification upon startup that source and/or mailboxes x, y, z, are offline?

  • benny

    benny November 30th, 2021 @ 07:21 AM

    I completely agree that MailMate would benefit from easier ways to keep an eye on offline/failed accounts and/or mailboxes. I have a lot of separate notes on that, but I've now noted that I should come up with a proper plan on how to move forward on this :) It's an importan problem that some users will be unaware of failed/offline accounts/mailboxes (even if the servers are to blame for the errors).

    I also think it should never happen that an account/mailbox goes offline automatically without a warning (it should go to a “failed” state for which later retries are automatic). If that happens for you, I actually consider it a bug. If you find that it happens fairly often -- like daily -- then we can try to debug it.

    (Sorry about the spam-detection at lighthouseapp.)

  • Mike

    Mike November 30th, 2021 @ 09:19 AM

    @benny: When accessing MS Exchange via DavMail, MailMate reacts far too quickly with "server not available" if the computer does not get WLAN quickly enough after waking up.

    You will then only take the "Exchange" accounts offline in MM, because otherwise you have to press the error message away in 1/10sec intervals. And THEN you have to remember to take the accounts online again every time.

    Maybe it is possible to get an option in the server settings that you go via DavMail and MM a) waits longer until the error message and/or b) looks if the system has an internet connection?

    And if MM sees network but can't get contact with DavMail (usually, it will usually be the case that DavMail is just not running. (The GUI version used to crash 1-2 times a day, but in server mode it is super stable). Maybe there is an additional state for DavMail that only shows the "DavMail is not running" state in the sidebar, e.g. with orange, and does not force you to take the accounts offline with error messages.

    To be clear: MailMate together with DavMail is a very good "Exchange" client. Categories-IMAPkewords are in sync. As long as you don't need access to shared accounts, it is IMHO the best combination for Exchange access. Maybe you should promote this a bit more aggressively? :)

  • benny

    benny December 1st, 2021 @ 07:46 AM

    @Mike: In theory, MailMate should go to the “unavailable” state when DavMail is not running, but perhaps that does not really work for “localhost” connections. I'll note to keep that in mind as well.

    Maybe an idea is to add some kind of “Retry Later”/“Try again in X” to this type of error since often only the user really know what's best.

  • Zvi Biener

    Zvi Biener January 12th, 2023 @ 04:19 PM

    I've just started using DavMail as well. I think some color indication that an account has become unavailable is crucial, especially for DavMail users, but more generally too. I agree with Benny that only the user knows what's best for any particular condition. But without some indication that an account has been become unavailable, the user just can't know. I don't think it need to be an actionable notice, but a simple color change would be great for users who keep the "Sources" list collapsed.

    I guess I'm just urging, Benny, to prioritize this. While Exchange is often the problem, I've had this happen with other accounts as well, and once a source is unavailable, it stays that way...

  • Mike

    Mike January 13th, 2023 @ 10:43 AM

    It would be really nice to at least have a hidden option with which you could prevent warning messages from popping up regarding the connection, e.g. with server==localhost. A coloured marking of the server in the sidebar would be enough for now. Or perhaps a small "view" at the bottom of the window would be suitable for this? Then you could also see it if, like me, you never have the sources in sight.

    I often work on the road and it's annoying when i have to click away the messages (4 accounts via davmail) 4 times when i open the computer. And that only works when there is a network (via smartphone). Until then i have to move the message somewhere where it doesn't bother me. I now have a menu extra for this, which shows me the internet availability as a red/green thingy.

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  • Zvi Biener

    Zvi Biener May 15th, 2023 @ 01:39 PM

    Just bumping this again. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but it regularly happens to me that one of the accounts goes offline, and I do not discover it for a while, because there is no indication on the "Sources" line that something has gone wrong. Of course, I do not need to collapse the "Sources", but, for me, either the collapsed heading should be able to indicate if any of it's source-children is in trouble, or the collapse should not be possible to begin with. Thanks.

  • Zvi Biener

    Zvi Biener April 15th, 2024 @ 09:51 PM

    And another related issue: I've had the updates to one mailbox folder show as "Failed" (for I don't know how long), with no notice. This should also be indicated somehow, methinks.

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