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Thomas Hanke

Spam, Spam with Eggs, Potato Spam de luxe. And Spam.

Reported by Thomas Hanke | December 14th, 2010 @ 09:38 PM

Original title: "once junk, always junk..."

[I'm not sure how many bugs, issues and feature I found. Have fun! ;-] [reordered to make more linear sense out of it. Frankly, I found several patterns, but there seem to be several overlapping issues, both bugs and features] [May be best to try yourself and ask me and yourself specific questions]

  1. Some 'unjunked' mails are still in the 'Junk' Mailbox.
    The junk feature is assigned correctly.

Ok, just found the 'Move to/from Junk' options - only available for '+junk' mails. I guess that's to check back on suspect mails which is marked as '-junk'.

But that option appears only sometimes... ok, seems I'm allowed to move '+junk' mails out of the junk. And '+junk' mail which is not in the folder can be moved there. Makes sense.

  1. I first took the 'Junk' folder on a par with 'Flagged', i.e. a smart folder for the feature '+-junk'. But it's a aggregator for the different 'Junk' folders.
  • Later: Now I've tagged the correct Google folder as 'Junk'. But the 'Junk' mailbox still does not contain any mail.
  • Ok, that worked after a restart.

So, the '+-junk' flag is separate from the folders.
* Assigning the flag doesn't always work, i.e. shortcut and menu click do not always work - (may be due to reload of folders?)

  1. Btw, I changed the shortcuts (PP Keyboard). The Junk State/Junk shortcut works for both 'Junk' and 'Not Junk', Junk State/Not Junk only for 'Not junk'.
  2. At the moment, you can't toggle 'junk' by shortcut because it's two separate entries in the menu.
  3. Well, toggle works with the Junk Status/Junk shortcut, which makes Junk Status/Not Junk superfluous.

  4. The toolbar buttons are for 'move to', despite the simple label 'Junk'.

  5. And for 'move from', I just found out.

  6. In Junk mailbox I try to flag mails as 'Junk', but that doesn't work for all
    (mh, MM likes V!agra mails - more seriously: *ok, found the pattern - well, linguistics training 'pays' after all: 'This message is marked as junk' and 'This message is not marked as junk' are only displayed when some 'external reference' is blocked.

  7. YES, the block holds for mails manually marked as 'not junk' - I expected automatic loading of the 'references'.

  8. This may subsume: And I had some 'unjunked' mails which are in another folder but whose 'external references' are still blocked. Can't say when exactly.

Btw, some related stuff:
Is there a way (yet) to opt out of Mailmate's automatic junk marking?
And the 'Spam' value is always 0.00. Is it active at all?

Btw, you are fast!

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  • benny

    benny December 15th, 2010 @ 08:52 AM

    • State changed from “new” to “resolved”
    • Assigned user set to “benny”

    Some quick notes and then I'll close the ticket. But I'll keep in mind all issues raised.

    1. A message can have 3 junk-flag-states: $Junk, $NotJunk or no junk-related flags. The first kind is always blocked, the second kind is only blocked if in a Junk mailbox, and the third kind is only blocked in the Inbox or Trash mailboxes. This is the default behavior. Eventually it will be configurable.

    2. It is possible to override the default behavior by setting a value for MmBlockedMessagesQuery in the defaults. The above behavior is the result of the following default query: "$Junk or $Msgs.filter(#flags.flag = '$Junk') or ($Inbox or $Trash).filter(#flags.flag !=[x] '$NotJunk')".

    3. The query language is currently undocumented and you are on your own if you try to change the query :-) (you can just use "$Msgs" if you always want to block external images).

    4. It was confusing that blocked messages with no external references were not shown as junk. That is fixed now.

    5. Spam score is 0, because no spam score was found in the message headers (like X-Spam-Score). MailMate itself does nothing to identify spam.

    6. Clearly, documentation for junk handling is needed.

  • Thomas Hanke

    Thomas Hanke December 15th, 2010 @ 04:35 PM


    Yes, I'm still not sure about the interaction of the 'junk' folder and the flags.
    For now, it's ok to stick with the server's spam functions, anyway.

    So, I best just try the next version and see what - if any - issues pop up.

    Mh, just found out your last responses made it into Gmail's spam folder, not sure why since I got the other ones.

  • benny

    benny September 22nd, 2022 @ 11:43 AM

    • State changed from “resolved” to “new”

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