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Alex Mason

Feature request: Filter which Submailboxes are created

Reported by Alex Mason | May 1st, 2020 @ 01:54 AM


I purchased MailMate the other day, because I was hoping I could use it to make organising my mail automatically much easier. I've spent the last few days banging my head against some issues with creating smart mailboxes with submailboxes. The feature I would like is the ability to filter which sub mailboxes actually get created. To understand why and what I've tried here's some background.

I recently moved to a new email host (Fastmail) which allows me to be quite flexible with the email addresses I use - for this account I get emails sent to wibble.com (not actually the domain), with my main email address being me@wibble.com. Fastmail also allows me to use [anything]@me.wibble.com and have those arrive in the me@wibble.com inbox - this works quite similarly to tags in usernames, but is more compatible with sites which don't allow + in addresses.

What I want to do is have a smart mailbox which lets me have one mailbox per address used (formatted as "${#recipient.domain}: ${#recipient.user}"). I've tried lots of combinations of creating submailboxes based on the to (or recipient) field, but the problem is that this also created submailboxes for all addresses the email was sent to. I want to filter that list to only create mailboxes for addresses which contain "wibble", so I can filter out all the gmail.com, hotmail.com etc addresses.

I have tried applying a filter to the emails being accepted, but the problem is all emails pass the filter because they were all, obviously, sent to me.

Happy to provide more details if needed, I'm hoping this is a relatively small change given how much filtering is used in the rest of the app.

Also as a side note, below this form Lighthouse is giving this message (I assume where the attachment upload box would normally be):
Upload Quota Reached.
Please notify the account owner.

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  • benny

    benny May 1st, 2020 @ 08:53 AM

    If I understand correctly, then MailMate provides a solution to this problem with a couple of filters available in the headers popup. When you select the header to be used for the Submailboxes then notice the “>>” submenu items. These “filter” the addresses to only include email addresses matching your identities or addresses matching your correspondents (non-identities).

    So, you would need: Recipient >> Identity

    That should ensure that any Cc addresses which are not you don't show up.

    Next, you ask about subaddresses provided by FastMail. You already found “> User”, but you need “> User > Notag”. (I should probably rename that feature to use “Subaddress” and “Without subaddress”.)

    In other words, we now have: Recipient >> Identity > User > Notag

    Finally, for this to work, it is very important that MailMate knows the format of the addresses belonging to your identity. This currently does not happen automatically. You have to setup the Address Pattern in the IMAP account settings window of each of your accounts. See the manual page on that here.

    You are using/combining pretty advanced features in MailMate here, but I believe it works :)

    Thanks for the support!

  • Alex Mason

    Alex Mason May 3rd, 2020 @ 12:23 PM

    Update: After restarting the app things seem to be working correctly - I thought that changing the address pattern would update live, but it didn't seem to work properly until restarting. It might be worth updating the docs to point that out since most things appear to update live run the app. I've left most of what I originally replied below, because it might help others, but the realtime away is: Make sure address patterns are set correctly, and restart the app.

    It looks like you've pointed me in the right direction, I had managed to figure out most of what you've suggested here but the >>identity wasn't quite working correctly - this made me look again at the IMAP settings and realise I had for format in there incorrect.

    The problem I'm now running into is that if I explicitly set the address pattern to just ".+@me\.wibble\.com", and make submailboxes based on Recipient/>>Identity/Address, mailboxes are produced for all the different variants of [anything]@wibble.com (and the gmail addresses which I'm redirecting to this account), but I only get a single entry for any me.wibble.com address, and a sub mailbox named "Other" which contains lots of emails to somesite@me.wibble.com.

    The full address pattern I have tried is:


    (Clearly the .+@me\.wibble\.com is made redundant by the next pattern but this is the full one I've tried) This should cover all the addresses I'm after, but stubbornly the most important set, the [anthing]@me.wibble.com ones do not get separated into their own sub mailboxes like I need, and all get stuck in an "Other" mailbox, which completely defeats the purpose of this. Is there any way to debug what MailMate thinks is going on?

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