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Robert Brenstein

Glitches with smart mailboxes

Reported by Robert Brenstein | February 23rd, 2017 @ 11:50 AM

MM Version 1.9.6 (5347)

I have a smart mailbox which is meant to show the newest unread messages from another smart mailbox. The screenshots of settings are attached. Further attached are screenshots of list views for submailboxes.

a. The list of messages shown when I click the smart mailbox itself is what I expect.
b. The first submailbox shows additionally read messages from trash.
c. The second submailbox shows no messages. This submailbox should not be shown at all.

These glitches are not specific to this smart mailbox and they come and go. I have been seeing them ever since I use MM on daily basis (but I do not see them every day). A relaunch will often fix these issues but not always. The last attachment shows the same smart mailbox after a relaunch -- I just quit and launched the program again and issues b and c were gone.

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  • benny

    benny February 24th, 2017 @ 10:09 AM

    Could you send me the following file:

    ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Mailboxes.plist

    (I might have asked for it before, but I'd like to be sure I see what corresponds to your screenshots.)

    I have a somewhat randomly reproducible case similar to this, but I still cannot reproduce it reliably and therefore I've been postponing trying to fix it. For some reason you seem to see this (or a similar issue) much more frequent.

    Is it correct, that it always clears up on restart or do you some times also see an issue immediately after restarting (and before any new messages arrive)?

  • benny

    benny March 1st, 2017 @ 01:08 PM

    I went through your Mailboxes.plist and it's a bit complicated, but I agree that trashed messages should not be in the mailbox of your last screenshot. With respect to read messages in a mailbox unread messages, this some times happens intentionally, because it's actually a nuisance to many users if they disappear immediately. I'm thinking this feature is maybe broken in the sense that it can also some times show the emails even if they are now in a different mailbox. To test this theory you can try disabling the behavior like this:

    defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmStickyMessagesEnabled -bool NO

    Thanks in advance!

    (The best way to debug issues like this is to make the problem case as simple as possible and then I can hopefully more easily reproduce it, but I know this can be hard in some cases.)

  • benny

    benny September 26th, 2017 @ 01:44 PM

    At some point I was actually able to get wrong counts myself (I inserted a check and crash for it on my own install), but I'm not currently getting them (and I didn't find a way to explicitly reproduce the issue). Could I get your Mailboxes.plist file again and a few of the mailbox names for which you most often see this issue. I'll try setting up something similar (again) and hopefully I'll get closer to an answer this time.

    Thanks in advance.

  • benny

    benny September 27th, 2017 @ 07:46 AM

    Thanks for the example. Is this issue reproducible, that is, is it correct after relaunching and then triggered, e.g., when you delete a message?

  • benny

    benny March 1st, 2018 @ 11:11 AM

    Thanks for the example. I've downloaded to my local machine because it takes up a lot of space in the ticket system.

    Have you tried one of the latest test releases in which I fixed a lot of issues in the query system? (I have better code to test it now.) Do you still see the issue?

    There's also an issue with Tagged submailboxes when the user enables showing a mailbox for each account (two levels of automatically generated mailboxes). Similar to the problems with the query system I think the best way forward is for me to refactor the code to be more easily tested. In other words, when I fix the issue with the “Tagged” mailbox then I expect/hope that this one is going to be fixed too.

  • benny

    benny March 14th, 2018 @ 12:29 PM

    • State changed from “new” to “accepted”

    As you have seen elsewhere then other parts of the query system are now more reliable after I did a rewrite of the related code (including adding more test code to the build system). I'm hoping to do a similar rewrite of the code related to the automatic creation of submailboxes (in all its variants). I would prefer postponing looking into this (and other) specific issues with submailboxes until after I've done that. There's a relatively good chance that the rewrite (and its corresponding test code) would also fix this issue.

    Thanks for your patience :)

  • benny

    benny August 9th, 2018 @ 01:17 PM

    Thanks for the additional details! It might be helpful if the submailboxes rewrite doesn't help (I did start on this rewrite, but it's not finished yet).

  • benny

    benny October 4th, 2018 @ 12:45 PM

    @Robert: Thanks for the hint. I'm not sure how opening the emails would make a difference, but I'll keep it in mind.

  • benny

    benny December 14th, 2018 @ 10:24 AM

    Thanks for the various data points.

    Does any of it help you to reliably trigger the issue somehow? Do you think it only happens when a message needs to be included/excluded because of the date condition?

  • benny

    benny December 14th, 2018 @ 11:43 AM

    Thanks. If you also send me your Mailboxes.plist then I'll give reproducing it another go (when I have time). I promise to read your instructions carefully :)

  • benny

    benny December 11th, 2019 @ 11:45 AM

    I believe I've fixed an issue which could be related to this ticket. If you are still able to reproduce this issue, could you try the latest test release: Hold down ⌥ when clicking “Check Now” in the Software Update preferences pane (r5672).

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